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About Us

Meraviglioso is…

We understand the value of sharing, and we are firm believers in it. We live through music because it is the soundtrack of our imagination.
We love food, bubbles, and cocktails, but only when enjoyed with friends. Summer is the stage where we celebrate our passion. We welcome all customers, but especially those who seek wholesome fun. Whether seated at a table or standing, when a smile lights up or the warmth of an embrace fills the air, we get excited alongside you. We know the formula for happiness, and we have always been its ambassadors. Trust us, it’s our job, and we will always make a difference.

Meraviglioso Porto Cervo.

Philosophy: eat-ertainment

Our philosophy embraces the concept of eat-ertainment, a neologism that combines the terms eating and entertainment to represent a perfect blend of gastronomy and entertainment. We are committed to offering an experience that blends the theatrical dynamics of a show with a high-quality dining offering. We exceed the expectations of even the most discerning customers by providing an experience that stimulates the senses and nourishes their soul, ensuring a moment of absolute lightness and happiness. We are here to transform the simple act of dining into a celebration of life itself, passionately and diligently caring for every detail and making life’s pleasures even more intense through the sharing and enchantment of music.

Why Meraviglioso?

Our venues are dedicated to the timeless power of the famous song “Meraviglioso” by Domenico Modugno, a true anthem to life, a song that exalts the beauty of the world through the richness that lies beneath our eyes, friendship, and love. We embrace a lifestyle that embraces the splendor of shared feelings, whether it’s “the goodness of a woman who loves only you,” “the light of a morning,” or “the embrace of a friend,” aiming to savor everything that life offers us to marvel at how wonderful the world truly is.

Managed by: 5 CLUB

5 Club is the management company operating in the fields of catering and entertainment, with the goal of revolutionizing the leisure time market through the promotion of the Italian DNA, which, by definition, is unparalleled beauty, sacred hospitality, attention to detail, quality food, a desire to be together, and moments of genuine lighthearted joy.

Porto Cervo