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All weekends
From 12:00 am to 3:30 pm

Reservation recommended

“Piu bella cosa non c’è, più bella cosa di te!”

Meraviglioso Italian Singing Restaurant is the stage where music and entertainment blend with the gastronomic offering in a symphony that goes beyond good food and reaches even more wonderful emotions.

The singer

Both in piano bar format and under the guise of a rock band, The Cashless will take you on the wings of enthusiasm to reach the highest peaks of Europe.
The novelty for the winter season 2023 is the Priceless App: choose the song to dedicate to your loved one, and our live performers will play it for you. Singing is Wonderful.

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Meraviglioso Marching Band

The Meraviglioso Marching Band, a one-of-a-kind quartet with a musical repertoire rearranged in swing & rock’n’roll style, will dedicate lively serenades to make your singing lunch experience truly unforgettable in the company of your friends, encouraging you to sing your heart out between sips and cheers.

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Special Event
From 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm

Reservation required

Stasera mi butto stasera mi butto mi butto con te

Discover the dinner shows by Meraviglioso, the perfect blend of entertainment, food, and the charm of snow-covered slopes under a starry sky.

The fantastic 4

Not just music, Meraviglioso is launching a new format rich in flavors and laughter in the company of Giovanni D’Angella, a face of Italian comedy. An eat-ertainment production ready to amaze you with lively comedic sketches paired with themed dishes of happiness and flavor.

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Italian Singing Lunch

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