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Every night from
28th June 2024

“Sotto il cielo di un’estate italiana”

Music is the calling card of the Meraviglioso. Only Italian music. Happy, carefree, recognizable, and therefore catchy songs. To be sung.

This is our style. Music is always there, it sounds great, and it makes a difference.

Live at Meraviglioso

Songs from the 1970s to the present, fundamental moments of our history, of our being, will be performed every evening by three top-notch performers.

The Meraviglioso Marching Band, Lorenzo Zambianchi, and Rosario Rannisi, divided between the Promenade Restaurant and the Terrazza Restaurant, will be our headliners for the summer of 2023. It is their delicate task to make you sing during the unique Italian Singing Dinner in Porto Cervo.

Terrazza Pizza & Bollicine

Après Beach