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Private Room

Singing Restaurant

Opening from

14th June 2024

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Mandatory reservation

500€. Max 10/15 participants. Unlimited time.

Lasciatemi cantare
Con la chitarra in mano
Lasciatemi cantare
Sono un italiano

L’Italiano, Toto Cotugno

Singing is Meraviglioso

It is now certain that music is the leitmotif of the Meraviglioso, but perhaps the fact that you are the performers is not.The first and only Private Room in Porto Cervo, a luxury and private experience to be enjoyed to the fullest.

Private Room in the heart of Porto Cervo

Elegant design, complete audio system and a dedicated dine & drink butler are the “starter pack” of our Private Room. An exclusive environment inspired by the refined villas of Costa Smeralda, where you can unleash your desire to sing. Don’t be shy. Singing is Meraviglioso.

A limited food selection from the Promenade Restaurant menu, including starters, small mains, and desserts, along with a carefully curated wine list, will ensure that you and your friends have an evening free from any worries, complementing your stay in the Private Room and making your experience complete in the perfect style of the Meraviglioso Italian Singing Restaurant.

Promenade Restaurant

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